Replacement Stove Glass

  • Wood burner glass for all make & models
  • Cut to size any size or shape
  • Arrives in 1-2 days
  • Buy online today
  • £0.05 / sq cm

Here at Me and My Glass we can make life easy when ordering a stove glass replacement. We provide products for all makes and models as we cut to size stove glass that is perfect for your log wood burner. To order the glass for all manufacturers and models go to our made to measure page or filling the form in below.

Whether it’s multi-fuel or wood burning, our glass cutting service can create the correct size for you. We also provide heat resistant glass replacement for ovens and cookers.

There are many reasons why you will experience a crack and break on your log wood burner. Over time, glass that’s experiencing over 600 degrees celsius is going to strain and crack. There are many reasons why it could crack such as an accident or putting too many fire logs in the firebox. But when this does happen you want to order your stove glass replacement as soon as possible as it plays a crucial part. The glass performs many roles including trapping in heat, stopping fire sparks leaving the wood burner, and many more roles.



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